Friday, September 2, 2011


Remember...Turn in your signed form about our handbook,schedule. Do your sell assessment. Anything else due???

Monday, August 15, 2011

lesson plan ideas

Post any ideas here. First week of school.

Questions and concerns

Let's help each other.
I am worried about my receipt book during Open House. In Nora's e-mail she said that we could take up fees that day but did not say that we had to. I do not want to take up fees that day if we do not have to. Middle school will not take them til the first day of school. I think that is a good idea and will put an envelope on their desk labeled with the name and fees. I will ask Nora if we have to collect them during Open House.

Things you want us to know

Hey girls. This is a place I created to keep us in touch. This blog is just for us so please don't invite anyone else. Here we can let each other know things that we want to share personally or about our classrooms. Please do not make this a complaining blog. But use it to share things we want others to know.

For starters you may call me Greatness. I am now the proud great Aunt of a beautiful little boy. Wyatt Mayson Sickle. He makes my heart melt. I have pictures and will gladly share them.